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Toptex Green 200g/m² Roll 5 x 50 m roll: 250m²

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Quick Overview

Toptex green roll 5 m x 50 m. 200 g/m² .

Protects wood chips, compost, manure, etc. Select the number of rolls.

Compost covers

Composting is the conversion of organic wastes into high-quality humus. Through systematic controls these materials can be returned to the earth, completing the cycles of nature and improving the soil to which it is applied. TopTex compost protection fleece is an important tool for optimal composting.


  • TopTex maintains optimum moisture conditions by diverting rainfall away from the surface, and by protecting from drying through sun and wind.
  • Toptex ensures proper aerobic decomposition. It allows the necessary gas exchange and ensures more optimum temperatures throughout the outer layers of the piles.
  • TopTex minimizes leachate and nutrient losses by diverting rainfall away from the windrows and therefore minimizing the incidence of leachate.
Wood chips covers

TopTex protection fabrics perfectly sheds water and is breathable. In order to gain an optimum energy yield from wood chips, its moisture content must be limited to a minimum.


  •  TopTex sheds rain water along its surface, the wood chip remains dry.*
  •  TopTex is a breathable fabric, so the wood chip dries off. Moist air created by the warming-up of the chip pile can easily penetrate through the fabric. 
  • This makes a storage outside possible. The construction of expensive halls or roofs are no longer necessary. Additionally, in the case of wind TopTex protects neighbouring properties - the development of dust is significantly reduced!

*) Extreme and unusual rainfall however, can result in a partial moistening of the wood chip.


3-) Vert Rouleau 5 x 50m 200g/m² 250m²


Toptex green roll 250 m²
5 m wide.Weight 200 g/m², for protecting wood chips, compost, manure, etc.

  • TOPTEX is a breathable tarpaulin made of 100% endless polypropylene fibres.
  • TOPTEX is environmentally friendly (harmless to drinking water).
  • TOPTEX can be recycled: made entirely of pure PP and can therefore be recycled.
  • TOPTEX is chemically stable to acids and ground surfaces (pH 2 to 13).
  • TOPTEX is resistant to biological agents: microbial organisms.
  • TOPTEX is resistant to dew and frost.
  • TOPTEX is resistant to UV. Thanks to special UV stabilisation.
  • TOPTEX has a minimum lifespan of 5 years under central European weather conditions (based on Austria).
  • If TOPTEX is protected from UV during storage, periods of non-use,
    its lifespan increases.

Toptex tarpaulin is made entirely of virgin polypropylene extruded with closure strip. It does not pollute.
This tarpaulin can therefore be used to protect heaps of straw against bad weather
or heaps of cereals against bird droppings.
It can be recycled after long years of use without any problem.

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