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White tarpaulins

White tarpaulins 110g/m²

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Potato covers

The Toptex protection fabric to safely cover potatoes is closely linked to a higher yield of the potato harvest due to reduced mass and starch losses. Its water shedding quality, which safely protects the potatoes from precipitation, characterizes the Toptex protection fabric for potato piles. At the same time, the potato pile is able to breathe, a respiration level needed so that the potatoes can even dry up below the pile without any damaging condensation.  This temperature balancing criteria protects the potatoes not only from early frost, but also avoids excessive heating up within the pile that could also irreversibly damage the harvest. 

What makes Toptex protection fabric for potato piles so unique, is the easy way to handle it. The previously used, often annoying covering and de-covering with water and air tight plastics is no longer necessary, as Toptex provides this respiratory aspect.


Main benefits

The Toptex protection fabric offers optimum protection for potatoes, as it keeps rain, snow and frost at bay. The thereof resulting higher yields due to reduced mass and starch losses will improve also the harvest output economically.  Furthermore, the reduced soil contamination will ease up the industrial processing. 

Toptex potato cover fabric safely protects from rain and snow, while effectively providing a frost protection without the usually annoying frequent covering/de-covering necessity. The reduced soil contamination with impressively low efforts, and a reduced mass and starch loss lead to impressively higher yields and a well-deserved result. 

The Toptex protection fabric for frost cover protection is made from white, continuous polypropylene filament in 85g/m2 and available in the following sizes:
9,8 x 12,5 m  
9,8 x 25 m 

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