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Toptex Green Roll 9.80 x 12.50m / 130g/m² roll: 122.5m²

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Toptex green roll 12 x 25 m                         130 g/m². Strips stitched together. Protects straw, hay, cereals...

Top tex protection fabric protects straw bales reliably against wind and rain, providing effective respiration. The high quality of the straw is preserved throughout the whole winter season, after heavy rainfall, and the development of mould is avoided.

TopTex is:

  • Permeable to air and vapour (avoids mould development)
  • Water shedding (drains off rain water at slope angles > 45°)
  • Resistant to wind lifting (the straw dries off even after heavy rainfall 
  • Highly tear resistant (withstands even strong winds)
  • UV stable (life-time minimum 3 years)

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  • 5-) Vert Rouleau 9.80 x 25m / 130G/m² 245m²


Toptex green roll 122.50 m²
9.80 m wide and 12.50 m long

  • TOPTEX is a breathable tarpaulin made of 100% endless polypropylene fibres.
  • TOPTEX is environmentally friendly (harmless to drinking water).
  • TOPTEX can be recycled: made entirely of pure PP and can therefore be recycled.
  • TOPTEX is chemically stable to acids and ground surfaces (pH 2 to 13).
  • TOPTEX is resistant to biological agents: microbial organisms.
  • TOPTEX is resistant to dew and frost.
  • TOPTEX is resistant to UV. Thanks to special UV stabilisation.
  • TOPTEX has a minimum lifespan of 3 years under central European weather conditions (based on Austria).
  • If TOPTEX is protected from UV during storage, periods of non-use,
    its lifespan increases

basic cover - 3 rolls of 1.50 m or ≈ 59 inch ( 3 and 2 and 1) over 25-m lengths, i.e. approximately 6 rows.

 basic cover - 4 rolls of 1.20 m rolls or ≈ 48 inch (4 and 3 and 2 and 1) over 25-m lengths, i.e. approximately 10 rows



Toptex tarpaulin is made entirely of virgin polypropylene extruded with closure strip. It does not pollute.
This tarpaulin can therefore be used to protect heaps of straw against bad weather
or heaps of cereals against bird droppings.
It can be recycled after long years of use without any problem.

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