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Toptex White Cut to Length 110 g/m² width 9.8 m

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Toptex white roll cut to length. 9.8 m in width. 110 g/m². Two strips of 4.90 m stitched together. Select the number of metres.

 TopTex  protects the potatoes against rain and frost – without annoying covering and de-covering, as with impermeable membranes! Reduced soil content and lower mass and starch losses result in higher yields – with minimum effort.


  •  TopTex sheds water (protects the potatoes from rain)
  •  TopTex allows optimum ventilation within the clamp (no development of condensation water, potatoes dry off)
  •  TopTex regulates temperature variations (protects from frost and avoids excessive heating)

Sugar beet covers

  • TopTex protects the beet against rain and frost. Reduced soil content and lower mass and sugar losses result in higher yields!


    • TopTex sheds water (protects the beet from rain)
    • TopTex  allows optimum ventilation within the clamp (no development of condensation water)
    • TopTex  regulates temperature variations (protects from frost)
3) Blanc Découpe 110g/m² largeur 9.8m


Toptex white roll cut to length.
9.80 m in width.

Weight 110 g/m²

  • TOPTEX is a breathable tarpaulin made of 100% endless polypropylene fibres.
  • TOPTEX is environmentally friendly (harmless to drinking water).
  • TOPTEX can be recycled: made entirely of pure PP and can therefore be recycled.
  • TOPTEX is chemically stable to acids and ground surfaces (pH 2 to 13).
  • TOPTEX is resistant to biological agents: microbial organisms.
  • TOPTEX is resistant to dew and frost.
  • TOPTEX is resistant to UV, thanks to special UV stabilisation.
  • TOPTEX has a minimum lifespan of 5 seasons (approx. 2 months a year) under central European weather conditions  (based on Austria).
  • TOPTEX results in the considerable reduction of SOIL TARE for sugar beet.
  • If TOPTEX is protected from UV during storage, periods of non-use,
    its lifespan increases.

Select the number of metres you would like.

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